SCOTUS pocus

Unruled the judge will legislate,
Prefer a wand to gavel,
With endless waves re-regulate,
And watch the world unravel.

Their magic law now all the rage
To make things more unclear.
With half a woman on the stage
What’s real they disappear.

We the people’s restroom court

Me thinks the great experiment doth not protest enough

Children’s bathrooms unisex usurped without rebuff

Stretched out into spectrums two sexes for one

Litigants and plaintiffs restroom court begun

Sexual objectors remain within their briefs

Bound up restroom courts can’t provide relief

Martyrs of convenience

One cartoon common courtroom show

One acting judge so apropos

Rolling bench deep in the dough

Reclaimed for television’s

Afternoon decisions.

Plaintiff and defendant both

Birthrights sold for reserved notes,

Smack down in the court,

Justice now a sport,

Coarse verbal attacking,

Sarcasm, wise cracking,

Decorum is deterred,

A spectacle preferred,

As a common wooer

Runs law through a sewer

Skewing every viewer

Peripheral wrongdoers

Victims of expedience

Martyrs of convenience