Magic markers

Distinction was the aim,
With no two marks the same.
“Marks that had no name”, I said,
“There upon your paper tread.”

“No marks may over steer.
Patterns may appear,
But every mark should stand alone.
Symbolize no rag or bone.”

At first they would comply,
But then appeared a heart, an eye,
A skull, a rose, despite my cry.

Marks they’d stack and merge
Despite my steady urge
To limit their design,
Lines would intertwine.

“Breaking rules”, they’d chime,
“Art is this way defined!
Progress is so refined
When rules are so declined.”

“If what you say is true,
Then rules still rule your way,
Dictating all you do,
Your marks, and all your way.

As well, if art’s progression,
Requires renewed transgressions,
Then all art comes undone,
As you before you have begun.”



The following statements of William F. Buckley and Mark Lane reference the illustration above, during an early “Firing Line” episode, embedded below.

“For the record I can answer that argument. He maintains that there was a discrepancy between his free-hand drawing of the “x” on the back, and the actual measurement, and I can understand that no doctor is supposed to be an artist with an absolute total precision as a draftsman when he actually had to sketch out…”  -William F. Buckley Jr.

No, but most doctors know the difference between the neck and the back, I think, even if they’re not artistic. And again the question is present and there is a way to resolve it. Why can’t we resolve it by examining the photographs?” – Mark Lane

Artists involved without a doubt.

So what is all the fussing about?

Autopsy photos guilty of crime.

Pictures locked up, perps doing fine.

“You talk about faith in these institutions as if its a matter of religious experience. In a democracy we’re supposed to have faith in our own ability to look at the facts and reach our own conclusions.” – Mark Lane