They build a wall of skull and bones,
These masters of deception,
Then at themselves throw sticks and stones,
To garner our affection.

They out themselves with shock and awe,
Suspending our belief,
They kindle us with hay and straw.
To cry for some relief.

They season us, they stir the pot.
They beat the drums of trance.
Darkness is their Camelot,
Twilight’s where they dance.

Dueling banjos

With tactical precision,
The bunnies and magicians,
Took up their positions,
In Florida, Orlando.

Active went rehearsal,
A terrorist commercial,
A lonely, universal,
Improbable commando.

The media’s imperative,
Freeze us with the narrative,
Loop us with the scare it gives,
Cue the dueling banjos.

Faux drapeau

Clever lie,
Faux drapeau
Steady nagged,
Faux drapeau.

Look it up,
Faux drapeau
French false flag
Faux drapeau

Cut outs, moles
Faux drapeau
Perfect timed
Faux drapeau

All dissent
Faux drapeau
Data mined
Faux drapeau

Torches lit
Faux drapeau
Played the masses
Faux drapeau

Deadly skits
Damn Damascus

Missing persons

Missing persons, convienent uncertains,

Increased protections, troubling connections,

Lying detections, false resurrections,

Altering names, places, and datings,

Purposeful and fully frustrating.

Predictably programing prophecies,

Publicly placed conscience relieves,

Casting spells, deadening souls,

Deepening trances, fine tuning controls.