Fools fooled fully


Keep full bad from full my see

Just what could your purpose be

Your agency both fast and free

You hold a ring of full bad keys

That open half truth doors with ease

Then once inside your half truth store

Black Friday there for evermore

Where we’re free to look around

Where full truth is never found

But rather more fool keys for sale

Dictating endless shopping trails

Donkeys chasing our own tails.

Blindfolded in your fitting rooms

Craftsman weave half truth on looms

In this way produce their goods

Infinite misunderstoods

Lessened Lies

By stepping on our toes

God evil does expose.

Too difficult we say

To change our fallen way.

We alter holy verse

Proclaim it less averse.

Lessened lies renewing

Forever we’re re-screwing

Our soul to Satan’s lie

Who said we wouldn’t die.

Hidden in small stages

¬†Sin with all it’s wages.