Gone un-tweeted from the perch,
God’s law obsolesced from church,
Fearful then to all alarms,
Church will welcome states with arms
Stationed there for their defense,
Worship then can recommence,
Midst body armored discipline.
The church the state is christening
With legs apart, and hand in glove,
Your papers please, your

Found and lost

“Feast of Herod” Lucas Cranach the Elder, 1531

Herod as the acting judge,
Imprisoned there John’s talking head.
Away God’s say John would not budge.
Herodias desired John dead.

Herodias was Herod’s wife,
Herodias she held a grudge.
John had criticized their life.
Herod’s niece supplied the nudge.

Pleased him with her dancing so,
Prudent judgment Herod tossed,
Half his kingdom would let go,
By our speech we’re found and lost.

(inspired by Mark 6:14-29)