Dimmer every pigeon

Perception managers,
Behavioral consultants,
Family damagers,
Staging some repugnance,

Frontal lobe attack,
Numbing the incision,
Stilled our minds go slack,
Dimmer every pigeon.

Cooped within our station,
Under their submission,
Cooing as a nation,
Scripting their volition.

Trumpy Bunker

Right and left
Riding the rails,
Each side a party,
Moving the sale.

Fighting they seem.
It’s all just a show.
They work as a team
For those in the know.

Steepened the climb,
They insert an act,
A dog on a lead,
One who’ll attack,

Crashing their party,
A barking debunker,
A loose written script,
Trump’s Archie Bunker.

Tenured apprentice,
Flamboyant and vile,
Their boy that they loose,
And chain for a while.

A pet on a leash,
Close at their door.
All in the family
Protecting the store.


How it seems


This is how it seems

This is temporality

Steady replayed memes

In love with banality

Straight into your dreams

Mixing with mentality

Sublimest of their schemes

Softened up brutality

Every one in teams

Judged by personality

Reality in reams

Reaching criticality

Sickness so it seems

Our new immortality

Same old immorality