Best ignore

Best ignore old building seven
Dust the others into piles,
Parts of people gone to heaven,
Hose from streets and domiciles.

Independent science folks,
Spotting iron within the clay,
Take away their microscopes,
Out of hand dismiss their say.

Frozen in the toxic blur,
Tiny elemental spheres,
Crazies they agree to spur,
Ending early their careers.

Airways clogged instilled the rush,
Buried there and caked with ash,
Traumatized we squint and hush,
Blind to where the truth they cache.

Asymmetric harm

Asymmetric harm,
Towers of alarm,
Three for two that day.

Symmetrical ejections
Went out in all directions,
A hundred yards away.

Skulls and bones it seams,
Blown to smithereens,
Minus any way.

Emotional objections
And mystical projections,
They constant overlay.

Movie like mishaps,
Partition each synapse,
Shocking in their way.

Buildings long collapsed,
Victims in their traps,
Many still today.