Dimmer every pigeon

Perception managers,
Behavioral consultants,
Family damagers,
Staging some repugnance,

Frontal lobe attack,
Numbing the incision,
Stilled our minds go slack,
Dimmer every pigeon.

Cooped within our station,
Under their submission,
Cooing as a nation,
Scripting their volition.

Mirror Maze







Gazing down each shallow hall

Pathways often viewed a wall,

Glimpses scattering reversed,

Perpetuate a view rehearsed,

Rocked within the mirror maze,

Where distortion warps the gaze,

Rings the mind with circled thought

Until it’s unaware it’s caught.

The Matador


“Don’t slow me down, I’m on a roll,

Do not disturb, my focussed soul.

I’ll chase the cape, run all about,

Repeat and spin, till I’m tired out.”

But, Mr. bull, you’re being tricked,

And in the back, your being sticked.

Ignore the cape, improve your score,

Please, focus on the matador.

He’s not your friend, that enemy,

Ignore his flair and gallantry.

Recognize his clever ways,

In bringing ’bout your end of days.

 He’s using you, against yourself,

 You’ll end a trophy, on his shelf.

He plays upon, your narrowed vision,

This a warning, you my mission.