Conditioned there to stare
Conditioned to the light
Conditioned not to care
Conditioned not to fight

Conditioned where to hide
Conditioned to take flight
Conditioned to play dead
Conditioned in their site

Conditioned so it seams
Conditioned in your mind
Conditioned to extremes
Conditioned till you’re blind

Conditioned by folklore
Conditioned into ease
Conditioned into war
Conditioned rest in peace

Wrecking ball II

Wrecking ball,
It wears a smile.
Wrecking ball,
Says just be nice.
Wrecking ball,
A swing with style.
Wrecking ball,
Says don’t think twice.
Wrecking ball,
The past erases.
Wrecking ball,
Denies what’s real.
Wrecking ball,
Steals all the bases.
Wrecking ball,
It feels so real.


Playing out your role,
Seeking transformation,
Sharing your control,
Surfing every station.

Actions of the group
Coming to consensus,
Morality in troops
Pleasing to our senses.

The cast, the mob is wired,
Armed with their pretenses.
Compromise desired,
Breaking down defenses,

Reality’s retired
As the play’s repeated,
Collectively, for all,
Everyone’s mistreated,

Corporate spirit guides
Facilitate the play
Steer the compromise
Little day by day.

Those anonymous,
Far away, conflicted,
Leave what’s real behind.
Hopelessly addicted.

His property

Not a good idea: prisoners in uniform from the 1920 film From Now On.

Uniformed in discontent,
Imprisoned so, ingrown, undone.
Outside of him our hearts are bent,
Diversified, each other shun.

Distinctive when in Him we’re found,
Alive in Him, true liberty,
Members of His body bound,
Restored to Him, His property.