Suicide art

Suicide art,
Awareness so smart,
Culturing death in disguise,
Breathless you form,
Collectively norm,
Precipitate what you despise,
Sculpting a savior,
Of human behavior,
In whom we all must agree,
In love with mankind,
You never will find
Freedom, but captivity.
Without God the Good,
Declined personhood,
Rejecting what’s real, resurrected,
Joined hand in hand
Within sinking sand,
To creatures, Creator rejected,
With man as your prize,
You’ll cannibalize
‘Til monstrosities we all are.
“What’s yours is mine”,
Declares Frankenstein
“Inequity’s my wrecking bar.”

Fight Club School


Hit him back I’ll referee

Kick him just below the knee

Social justice by degree

Deconstruct authority

With double wrong decisions

Equalized positions

Vengeful dispositions

Outing inhibitions

Forgetting wrong and right

School’s a club where we can fight