“Pop Secret”, inkjet paper (folded), 6″x5″x5″, 2012 


We’re twins of a sort. A number we make.

In plain view, transparent, as well as, opaque.

Easy to see, once we’ve come into view,

You’re never quite sure, if we’re one or we’re two.

Copy (2) of IMG_0003

“World Trade 7 Whitewash”, plaster, wood, latex, 5″x8″x9″, 2012


“South Tower Exploding”, wheat chex, popcorn, paint,6″x4″x4″, 2011


“South Tower Collapsing”, wheat chex, popcorn, paint, 6″x3″x4″, 2011


“World Trade 7 with Red-Gray Chips”, plaster, wood, wire, wax, 12″x12″x10″, 2011


IMG_0006 cuc

World Trade 7 Collapsing”, video loop, 6 sec., 9″x12″x”8″, 2009


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