The Terrible TRUTH About the Manchester Attack, the British Government & ‘Salman Abedi’…

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There is something very, very important to understand about the terrorist attack in Manchester on Monday night.
And it is something that virtually all mainstream media outlets have failed to – or will continue to deliberately avoid – talking about. Because they don’t want their average audiences – and the general public – to have any sense of context, perspective or history.

At this time when people are very emotional, when there are armed soldiers being deployed into public places, and when mainstream radio super-bitches (someone called Katie Hopkins) literally called for “a final solution” to the ‘Muslim problem’, it is hugely important to have a true perspective about what happened in Manchester.

The game right now is to have us all in fixed paradigms and tensions that are binary and emotional. Part of that controlled perspective is to divorce current events from their real context and to divorce cause…

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Ode to “medication”

Cucumber Lodge

Minus a needle or lance,
Declaring your head was askew,
Upon you, their mind, it advanced,
Experiment theirs, became you.

Stormy your thoughts from within,
Your circuits would cross and divide.
Resetting your ends they’d begin
With chemistry pimping your ride.

Responsiveness, yours now delayed,
Shuffled and slurred was your way.
Your mind, up for you, was remade,
Erased and re-taped every day.

Then slipping away from our view,
That evening, your final ascent.
No more “medication” for you,
You gave it all up. It was Lent.

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