4 thoughts on “Reservation

  1. Moderation overblown,
    a litter oh so civilized,
    Dedication to a script,
    a portrait that’s idealized.

      1. (I have to confess something, that show is like a major pet-peave of mine… Not that I think they’re bad people, or insincere or anything, it’s just… I dunno. The whole reality show thing, and how certain types of them (thinking of shows like Duck Dynasty etc.) seem quite oblivious to how their show is being used to create a rather unflattering caricaturization. It makes me think of the character “Kenneth” from 30 Rock….)

      2. Unfortunately when people are ignorant of the dialectic process they become tools in the hands of the perception managers and don’t see, and/or are unwilling to admit how
        “their show” aids the collectivist cultural agenda.

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