Reservation half way shown,
Privates over publicized,
Preservation of the home,
Over seasoned, iodized.

4 thoughts on “Reservation

  1. Moderation overblown,
    a litter oh so civilized,
    Dedication to a script,
    a portrait that’s idealized.

      • (I have to confess something, that show is like a major pet-peave of mine… Not that I think they’re bad people, or insincere or anything, it’s just… I dunno. The whole reality show thing, and how certain types of them (thinking of shows like Duck Dynasty etc.) seem quite oblivious to how their show is being used to create a rather unflattering caricaturization. It makes me think of the character “Kenneth” from 30 Rock….)

      • Unfortunately when people are ignorant of the dialectic process they become tools in the hands of the perception managers and don’t see, and/or are unwilling to admit how
        “their show” aids the collectivist cultural agenda.

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