Dances with Bears

The Soul of the East

Is there a moral equivalency to be reasonably made between the Russian government, and especially its leader, President Vladimir Putin, and the American-lead NATO alliance? Are Russia’s alleged actions in the eastern Ukraine, Chechnya, and Syria as equally deplorable as Washington’s invasion of Iraq or the toppling of Colonel Mummer Qaddafi in Libya? Are those Westerners who express admiration of Russia or sympathy toward President Putin little more hypocritical, opportunistic “Russia worshippers”?

To the contrary, such charges seem like little more than the anxieties of those Westerners, especially Americans, who worry that too heavily criticizing NATO and admitting that Russia is acting in a defensive manner would open themselves to the charge of not only being “anti-American”, but also “Kremlin shills”. Being anti-Russian is meant to take off the edge and stigma off being “anti-American”.

But to conceive Russia as the mirror image of America and NATO is absurd when…

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