Cucumber Lodge


Behaviorist the truth you twist,

Existing human souls resist.

 Placing us inside a box

Treating us as Goldilocks

Searching for a perfect fit,

Environmental schemes to fit,

To coax, to prod, to poke, cajole,

Overwrite the human soul,

Lather rinse repeat each day

Washing all our will away,

Countless strategies impart

Ways we may ignore the heart,

Appealing to our brutish sense,

 Fill us with sublime pretense.

Teach the mind tricks to perform,

Steer us toward the absent norm,

Free to make our own false choice,

Getting us to speak your voice

Until subconsciously we start

To settle for the truth in part

Toward the goal of fractured meaning

Collectively then dazed and leaning

With ripe anticipation

Of duties full castration,

Renewed social reformers

Urge group mind on their performers

Who sacrifice all rationale

Left with but a witches spell,

Calling up absurdity

Repeatedly for you and me.

Then fit…

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