No more Trump-shaming. Time to move on.

to dismantle the 9/11 myth

Jill Stein called for a new investigtion of 9/11, but she was never going to win.

The choice between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton – thank you Mike Sheet Tray – was the choice between a turdburger and a shit sammich. In the end – and it pained me greatly – I had to choose Trump, for having no record of public service, over Clinton, for her record of orchestrating the violent overthrow of governments across the Arab world, by the ‘color revolution’ formula of the Soros Foundation. 500,000 lives have been lost in the Syrian war alone. Revolutions started on Twitter can still result in genocide. Hillary Clinton bears much responsibility.

Donald Trump has said some objectionable things about women, about Muslims, ‘Mexicans.’ Much of his rhetoric I find deplorable, but when he referred to Obama and Clinton as ‘founder and co-founder of ISIS,’ that made me wonder if…

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